Deacon Proposal

May 29, 2016

Proposal: Transition the Leadership Board to Deacons.


The Leadership Board has been functioning for several years within the AMC structure without a clear definition about its role and place within the AMC organization. This proposal offers a way to recognize the positive functions of the Leadership Board and give it a place within the AMC organization.


Specifics of this proposal:

  1. Change the name of the Leadership Board to Deacons. This is a traditional title for persons in a Mennonite congregation who work with pastoral care issues with the pastor and oversee the spiritual life of the congregation.
  2. Affirm Ted Torres and Hannah Wright as Deacons with their current terms of office. Ted Torres’ term ends in 2016. Hannah Wright’s term ends in 2017.  Deacons will be selected in the same way other positions are discerned and affirmed. There will be two deacons.
  3. Job Description
    1. Collaborate with the pastoral staff.
    2. Meet on a regular basis to pray for the congregation.
    3. Collaborate and offer guidance on pastoral care issues such as persons who need assistance, conflict in the congregation, prayer with persons, etc.
    4. Foster the relational life of the congregation – work with the small groups of the church, be alert to group dynamics of inclusion/exclusion, etc.
    5. Tend to membership issues – membership requests, annual covenant renewal, inactive members, etc.
    6. Help the congregation articulate its vision and identity using various kinds of processes – retreats, congregational gatherings, workshops, etc.
    7. Participate as members of the Coordinating Council.
  4. The AMC Bylaws will be revised to include the Deacons as a committee of the congregation.

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