2022 AMC Covenant

Annually the Austin Mennonite Church invites the commitment of those participating in the life of the congregation.  Through the practice of covenanting with each other we commit ourselves to this community of faith with the following understandings:

1. Austin Mennonite Church identifies with the Christian faith in the Anabaptist/Mennonite perspective.  This means that we are Christ-centered, following the way of Jesus. We value peace, service, justice, community, scripture, priesthood of all believers, believer’s baptism, and simple living. We also value learning from other interpretations of the Christian faith.

2. We value dialogue with other faith perspectives.

3. We meet together regularly for worship, study, prayer, service and fellowship.

4. We support each other spiritually, emotionally, materially, and by giving and receiving counsel.  We especially regard the nurture and faith formation of children as important. We acknowledge that supporting each other involves the nurture of all persons in the congregation – children, youth, families, single adults, and couples in committed and married relationships.

5. We share and use the spiritual and material gifts God has given us.  This includes sharing in the leadership of the congregation by serving on committees and in other positions and supporting the congregation financially.

6. We use our gifts and talents to serve the needs of others in our neighborhoods, communities, and the wider world.

7. By God’s grace, we live as those whom Christ called to be peacemakers: renouncing violence in the resolution of conflict, bringing justice and reconciliation in our world, and demonstrating the love of God among us and in the broken world around us.

8. We live responsibly as caretakers of the environment, with the awareness of the needs of others around the world and responding to the environmental challenges of the present.

9. We share the life and vision of the Austin Mennonite Church with our neighbors and friends in a positive and inviting way and as witnesses to God’s love.

10. As a Christian community, called to peacemaking and reconciliation, we welcome each other and affirm that people of any racial or ethnic identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, age, and economic status are welcome to full participation in our congregation.

We confess that in attempting to meet these goals we sometimes miss the mark.  However, we accept God’s grace and guidance and the nurture of this congregation as we live into this covenant with God and each other.

We reevaluate and renew this covenant and our commitment to God and to each other on an annual basis. May the Holy Spirit encourage and help us in witnessing to God’s love and faithfulness.