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About Us

Austin Mennonite Church
5801 Westminster Drive
Austin, TX 78723

 Welcome. Sunday school begins at 9:30 a.m. Coffee, tea and snacks at 10:30 a.m. Worship begins at 11:00 a.m.

Our worship is traditional and informal.  We enjoy singing with piano, guitars, violin, sometimes percussion (sometimes all together, sometimes a cappella).  Sermons are usually given by the pastor but members share in the preaching about once a month.  There is a children’s story during worship and we have a sharing time and prayer.  Sometimes there is prayer and anointing.   

We live in many parts of Austin.  Our occupations are teachers, students, computer programmers and engineers, musicians, lawn maintenance, legal assistants, healthcare, stay at home parents, retired, state workers, etc.  Faith backgrounds of people currently part of the congregation are baptist, ethnic Mennonite, Amish, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopal, agnostic, seeking, etc.  Several people in the congregation speak Spanish fluently.

We are a member congregation of the Western District Conference.

We are affiliated with Mennonite Church USA.

History of Austin Mennonite Church

Austin Mennonite Church is an urban Mennonite congregation in the capital city of Texas. The makeup of the congregation is diverse ethnically, theologically, vocationally, and socio-economically. The average attendance at Sunday morning worship is fifty people. Members commute from a 30 mile radius and value the Mennonite identity of the congregation. The motto of the Austin Mennonite Church is “Serving Christ, Simply, Peacefully, Together.”

The church began in 1984 as a house fellowship with a small group meeting every other Saturday with a Bible study.  As the fellowship increased in numbers it moved to meeting on Sunday mornings in a hotel conference room, then to a Seventh Day Adventist church. Lewis McDorman, a South Central Conference regional minister living in Austin at the time assisted the group in becoming more organized and helped Austin Mennonite Church (AMC) become established as an organization with bylaws and five year goals. In its early years Austin Mennonite Church was dually affiliated with South Central Conference and Western District Conference. The church continued to grow and called its first pastor in 1990.

Austin Mennonite Church purchased its own facility on two acres at 5801 Westminster Drive, Austin, Texas 78723 in 2000. The facility was previously owned by the Trinity Presbyterian Church which had built the facility in 1960.  Austin Mennonite Church rents space to a child development center, a Spanish-speaking church, a recorder society, and a community gardens organization. The church is in the process of renovating their bathrooms to make them handicap accessible.

Over its thirty-three year history AMC initiated and supported a Mennonite Voluntary Service unit for two years and has supported other short-term service volunteers. The church was active in the Mid-Texas Convention activities before affiliating solely with Western District Conference. Past and ongoing activities have included: summer children’s camp, Mennonite Central Committee Texas Relief Sales in Houston and Edinburg, serving meals at the local homeless shelter, Mennonite Disaster Service, interfaith dialogue, home repair, refugee assistance, support of the child development center in its facility, peace and justice education and advocacy, and an annual pancake breakfast to raise funds for local high school scholarships.

Currently AMC meets weekly for worship on Sunday morning and has Sunday school classes for all ages. Various small groups are also active on a monthly basis. The congregation has open communion the first Sunday of each month along with a first Sunday potluck fellowship meal.

AMC Pastors

Kathy Goering Reid, 1990-2003

Stephen Reid, 1990-2003

Grant Tupper, 2003-2004 (interim)

Garland Robertson, 2004-2011

Lee Lever, 2011-



Other groups share the Austin Mennonite Church campus:

  • Iglesia Christiana Principe De Paz (Discipulos de Cristo), a Spanish-speaking Disciples of Christ congregation.

  • Trinity Child Development Center, since 1964 serving the children and families of the community.

    • Here is a recent video of the Child Development Center highlighting it mission.  The video offers a great view of the sanctuary and playground of the Austin Mennonite Church.
  • Windsor Park Community Gardens, located behind the AMC facility.  This is a program of Keep Austin Beautiful.  Anyone can rent a 4′ by 10′ raised bed garden plot for one year at the cost of $40 and 12 volunteer hours.

  • The Austin Chapter of the American Recorder Society meets once a month for rehearsal in the AMC sanctuary (great acoustics!) and has seasonal concerts.



Austin Mennonite Church


                                                                       Easter 2014


Dixie and Becca doing flower arrangements for Easter





Eli, Dixie, Karen



Easter breakfast


Easter breakfast


Easter breakfast

12 days old!

Mia!!! 12 days old!














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Workday at the church:





Serving a meal at the ARCH

Serving a meal at the ARCH

CROP Walk 2014

CROP Walk 2014

Something on my head?

Something on my head?



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