Mennonite Disaster Relief (MDS)

Boots, Buckets & Barrows

Boots, Buckets & Barrows showed at Austin Mennonite Church on August 11, 2018.

The show and auction were a success raising over $3,000!

Click here for a preview of the production!

 This production was a partnership with Mennonite Disaster Services, an event that is part theater show-part auction, to raise awareness, funds, and volunteers for MDS.  The show is interrupted two times to auction off buckets of home-related items – homemade breads and kitchen goods, games, or a bucket of house tools compiled by the hosting congregation. Ted and Jeff run the auction process, with often hilarious, but effective, results for fundraising.


For more information check out: Ted & Company | Boots, Buckets & Barrows


Who is the Mennonite Disaster Service?

Visit the MDS page (click here) to view their mission statement, how they help, and what regions they provide assistance.

Unable to attend, but would still like to donate?

Monetary donations for Mennonite Disaster Service may be received on their website (MDS Direct Donation (Click Here)or directly through PayPal by clicking the Donate button below.

Austin Mennonite Church would like to thank Ted & Company for putting on an amazing production and to thank all those who donated and attended the event. Your generosity will allow the Mennonite Disaster Service to continue to help rebuild and restore communities impacted by natural disasters within Texas and the United States.